JCC: Joint Cabinet Crisis

About JCC

Joint Crisis Cabinet(JCC) is a crisis committee which allows its delegates to take actions through the directives along with that anticipates its delegates to resolve the issues that they may encounter during the committee with an intense debate. JCC consists of two separate cabinets that tackle the same topic. The cabinets will work to solve the contentions between them and further their national interests through both official means of communication and bi-lateral debate, as well as secret notes passed from committee to committee via the Crisis Staff. The intention of the committee is to discuss the political and social status of the Karabakh region and what needs to be done to calm the disputes in the region as well as take action in order to do so.

Under-Secretary-General: Betül Akman

Academic Assistant: Nisa Çalı / Alper Akman

Agenda Item:

The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

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